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Beat list

Beat list

Discover Beatlist: the way to present your vinyl records in a unique and decorative way. The plastic frame gives a modern and elegant look, bringing your favorite album covers to life on your wall. A must-have for every music lover who wants to show their passion with style and class.
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What does the Beatlist look like?

Beatlist is a display frame for vinyl records.

It has a sturdy plastic frame with a modern look.

When hung on the wall, it shows off the album art in a decorative way.

Stylish frame
Want to give your most beautiful vinyl record a special place?
This wall frame has space for 1 special record
33cm x 33cm x 2cm
Elegant design
Give your interior a boost!
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Customer satisfaction is Vin Up's top priority

Give your most beautiful album a spot on the wall!

Enter the world of Beatlist, where presenting your beloved vinyl records becomes an art form. With our innovative display solution we bring the magic of vinyl to life in a unique and decorative way.

Our Beatlist frame is more than just a practical storage place for your records; it is a statement of style and sophistication. Carefully designed for durability and aesthetics, the sturdy plastic frame adds a modern and elegant look to any space.

Hang it on your wall and watch your favorite album covers transform into true works of art. The Beatlist gives every detail of the album covers the attention it deserves, bringing them to life with unparalleled vibrancy and depth.

What's in the box?

The shipping box will be sent carefully, and the Beatlist will be packed in bubble wrap for extra protection during transport. Furthermore, the Beatlist also has extra protection in the corners of the frame to keep the wall display as protected as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vin Up uses a shipping promise on working days, if ordered before 11:59 PM, we will ship it the same day! Depending on your location, we will provide a tracking code so you can see when your order will arrive at your destination.

The Beatlist is delivered safely in a sturdy box by a reliable courier, complete with protective bubble wrap and all necessary parts for easy and sturdy assembly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
P. v. O.
Leuke lijst

leuke lijst

Lieke van Veenendaal
Super blij met deze aankoop

Ik heb 5 lijsten besteld en in mijn woonkamer geplaatst, om zo mijn Golden Earring collectie mooi weer te geven. De bestelling was snel binnen in uitstekende staat

The story of Vin Up

Vin Up was actually created by my passion for music.

Since I was young I have actually been listening to Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and the Golden Earring. Since then I have always had an LP collection that I am constantly expanding.

One problem I always had is that I couldn't organize my LPs properly or give them a nice place in my room.

That is how Vin Up was created. I have a huge collection of albums that I couldn't easily put into place.

Thanks to these products I can now realize that!

So whether you are a fan of, for example: Teskey Brothers, Slipknot or K3. Give your album a special place!