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Vin Up offers stylish LP holders for both wall and floor, perfect for displaying your vinyl collection. Always enjoy free shipping and fast service!

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Looking for a new vinyl stand for your record collection? View our stock of vinyl holders now! A selection of stylish and characteristic vinyl record stands

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Are you looking for storage for your records? View our record storage collection. Available for dozens of vinyl records and singles. Give your space a stylish addition with these characteristic storage holders!

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  • G. Dekker

    I bought the "Metal Matters" and the "Now Playing" cube from Vin up and am very satisfied!

    After ordering, it arrived quite quickly and was easy to assemble, it looks nice with the interior and ideal for the record player. I would recommend these products to anyone who wants to give their LPs a nice place in their home!

  • F. Kuiper

    Nice vinyl holder, great to look at the record while playing it! 😎

The story of Vin Up

Vin Up was actually created by my passion for music.

Since I was young I have actually been listening to Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and the Golden Earring. Since then I have always had an vinyl record collection that I am constantly expanding.

One problem I always had is that I couldn't organize my records properly or give them a nice place in my room.

That is how Vin Up was created. I have a huge collection of albums that I couldn't easily put into place.

Thanks to these products I can now realize that!

So whether you are a fan of, for example: Teskey Brothers, Slipknot or K3. Give your album a special place!